Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to download any software or check for updates to use RackBuilder?
No, this is a web based tool and will work with most every browser. Updates made to RackBuilder will require no additional effort for you to enjoy.
How do I get started building my own custom racks?
You can easily create a free login account with just an email address. If you are a dealer, you can include your dealer information and would be able to receive pricing quotes if desired.
Can I use one account for my whole company to log in?
Yes, but only one email contact address.
How do I start making a rack from scratch?
Once you log in, you can start by selecting a rack frame on the left side. You can choose from the extensive list or narrow your choices by selecting a rack type (Free Standing, In-Cabinet, or Wall Mounted).
There are a lot of rack frames to choose from, how do I narrow my search?
You can use the filter sliders and buttons in the upper left side to narrow size and type of rack frames that populate the drop down list.
What happened? I filtered to my rack requirements but get no results?
The Chief rack frames are available in specific RU sizes; even though the filter lets you select an extremely narrow selection of total rack spaces and depths (e.g., filter settings: 21 to 27U at 29”maximum component depth) you may not see any results even though there are racks that will work (in this example., NG1F2833 and above). Expand the filter and you will find wider selection to choose from.
What if I picked a rack frame that, after I started loading, is too small?
You can simply choose a larger frame and press the “add to configuration”. It will examine all accessories to see if they are compatible and will point out any that are not (door size, side panels, etc.).
When I choose certain rack frames to configure, I do not see all accessories in the drop down lists, why not?
Logic built into Rack Builder only shows the components that will actually physically fit in the chosen rack. As an example, tall, vertical power strips will not show up as an option to install in shorter racks, only the ones that will fit are shown.
What do the tabs on the right side do?
They are buckets to show what components are available for the chosen rack frame. The mix will change based on which accessories work with which rack.
What does it mean when the tabs turn green?
It means you have at least one valid item in that particular “bucket” (ship along bucket can be filled with more than one accessory).
How can I be sure I ordered the correct doors?
Once the rack frame is chosen, the only products that will fit in that rack will be available to add to the configuration; you cannot build a rack that will not work.
What are the “Top 1” and “Top 2” tabs for?
On certain racks they can be used for any standard 3U panel: fans, vents, conduit knockouts, etc.; no need for custom fan tops for each size rack.
How do I get more information about a particular Chief product?
Click on the device name and it will link you directly to the product’s web page.
How do I know if my rack is full?
There is a dynamically updated bar graph just below the rack image. If you try to load a component into an already full rack, logic will not let you.
Can I have floor levers and casters installed on rack at same time?
Yes, on the E1, G1 and S1 series racks you can.
I cannot add floor levers to the S1 rack, Why not?
Floor levelers are already included with the rack.
Can I add place holders for components in the front rack rails so I know can confirm the design?
Yes. We have an ever growing library of third party components arranged by manufacturer. You can add them to the configuration and rearrange order as you see fit.
How do I add a component not listed?
You can create a user defined component on in the drop down under Components. You will be asked to enter a model name, RU height, depth and type of device. Once that is entered, you can add to your custom rack configuration. The component with be saved in your database and can be used in future configurations.
Can I save designs and create “templates” in my account?
You can save your configurations and give them unique name by hitting the save button on the upper left. Once saved, you can load configurations, modify, delete and rename. If you save a configuration with the same name it will include both in your account with different time stamps.
How can I share my custom configuration for someone else to modify or update?
Click on the envelope image. It will provide you with a link you can copy and share in an email.
How can I share my custom rack image and component location?
Click on the image of the pdf page to create a pdf image file and layout design to view/download.
Is there an easy way to just get an image of the finished rack?
Yes, click on the image of the picture frame to create a jpeg image file to view/download.
Can I order more than one configuration on an order?
Yes, you can.
Can I configure a ganged rack system?
You can only save one rack frame per configuration. One option is to name each rack based on location (e.g., far left, center left, center right, far right; or rack 1, rack 2, rack 3, rack 4; etc.).
Can I custom configure a knock-down or in-cabinet rack?
Yes, you can design, save and share custom configurations.
Can I mount a Surge protector on the bottom of the rack to not lose any RU space?
Yes we offer mounting locations on the base of E1, G1 and S1 racks for specific SurgeX pieces.
Now that I finished my design, what do I need to do to place an order for my custom rack?
Click the add to order button and follow the instructions. You simply send the Rack Builder sales order .pdf documents along with a completed purchase order (and any price quote you requested and received), to:
How do I get all the manuals and drawings of the Chief rack products in the custom configuration?
Click on the download files icon; A SpecBuilder™ window will open; you are free to choose which documents get zipped up and sent to you in one file.
Can I add additional components to the order?
Yes indeed, even additional rack frames.
I see MSRP pricing, but what if I want my exact cost of the custom rack?
You need to submit a request for a “price quote”. This will require dealer information and will NOT create an order, just a quote. You would have to submit that quote back with a copy of the configuration and a purchase order.
How do I hide pricing?
Under the settings dropdown by your name, choose manage account to select appropriate pricing.
What is best way to cool a rack?
Without getting too specific, air in from bottom/lower front, air out to top/back. You can do this passively (vents) or actively (with fans). Either way, adequate spacing between components and complete control of airflow paths (no open rack spaces on front, vent blockers, solid doors and side panels) is beneficial.
What security options do you have?
Security screws, keyed security cover panels in hinged Plexiglas or solid steel, Security cover panels in perforated steel, locking doors, locking side panels and locking drawers.

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